LDR is now Zimmer Biomet

Product Overview


Its narrow thickness, its atraumatic integrated locking mechanism, and its anatomical design provide C-Plate a system decreasing the risk of the post-surgery complications (conflict with oesophagus).



A secured maintaining of screws

  • A self-locking mechanism slides over screw heads after final tightening.

A low profile design

  • Only 1,6 mm thick, C-Plate is one of the lowest profile plating systems on the market.

Un design zero profile    



A simple procedure

  • The preparation of the implant is simplified thanks to the pre-bend design of the plates in both plans (saggital and axial).
  • Tapping is optional thanks to the use of self-tapping screws.
  • The "no-touch" prehension of the screws in the rack is easy due to the self-retaining print of the screw heads.

A wide range

  • A full range of semi-fixed and variable screws and cervical plates cover multiple indications while filling the surgeons habits.

Product Brochure

Surgical Technique