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FacetBRIDGE™ is a facet fixation system inserted through a percutaneous posterior approach that can be used as an alternative to classical pedicle screw systems for some indications. The aim being to create a 360° fusion restoring sagittal balance while reducing the operative time and allowing a faster recovery for the patient.



Following our permanent research to improve patient benefits, we combined our MIVo™ philosophy ‐ Minimal Implant Volume ‐, based on reducing the total amount of hardware implanted to the reduction of the overall morbidity linked to operative procedure, the goal being to offer the least traumatic treatment possible for lumbar spine pathologies.

FacetBRIDGE screws design allows to:

  • Stabilize the posterior column by blocking and progressively compressing articular facets during final tightening.
  • Fuse articular facets thanks to fenestrated screw design that eases insertion in cortical bone and self‐fills the cannulation in order to create a bone bridge through the implant and facets.
  • Reduce morbidity and operative time with optimized and ergonomic instruments allowing percutaneous screw insertion.

When a 360° fusion has to be completed, combining FacetBRIDGE with our interbody cages featuring our innovative VerteBRIDGE® plating technology allows the surgeons to perform a minimally invasive and MIVo anterior/posterior column stabilization.


Screw made of Titanium alloy

Cannulated screw

  • Allows percutaneous screw insertion.

Variable pitch under screw head

  • Enables progressive compression of facets.

Constant thread at screw tip

  • Facilitates fast progression into the bone.

Self‐tapping tip

Fenestrated design

  • Eases screw insertion in cortical bone and permits the screw to self‐fill.


Washer made of Titanium alloy

Preassembled and removable washer

  • Removable washer adapts to surgical needs and to patient anatomy.

Conical polyaxial washer

  • Adapts to facet shape and orientation to increase load sharing during
    final tightening.

Vascularization holes




The wide range of screw dimensions (diameters and lengths) allows adaptation to various patient anatomies and different surgical techniques. Only one size of washer compatible with all the screws.



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